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KBCS Team, CDAC Mumbai

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Monday, 14 September, 2009 - 02:30
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XlitHindi is an English to Hindi transliteration extension for OpenOffice Writer. This extension transliterates the words from English to Hindi [ex: converts 'bharat' to 'भारत', 'school' to 'स्कूल', etc. ] and offers more Hindi options for each English word on right click. It uses Xlit, developed by KBCS Team, C-DAC Mumbai, as the transliteration engine.

Xlit [You may try online editor here ] is a transliteration tool to convert words from English to Indian Language and back, without losing the phonetic characteristics. It can be used as an input method, in Machine Translation systems, in e-governance applications and in other applications that need to enter text in Indian languages and English. For more details regarding the project please visit: http://www.cdacmumbai.in/xlit

System Requirements:
Java version 6 or higher
OpenOffice 2.0 or higher
Active Internet Connectivity

Instructions for Installation:
* Download the extension to your machine
* Start OpenOffice Writer
* Go to: Tools -> Extension Manager -> Add.
* Browse your system to locate the downloaded extension file 'XlitHindi.oxt'
* Select an appropriate option from 'Only for me' and 'for all users'. [Incase of multiple users]
* Click 'OK'
* Wait a few moments for the extension to install completely. Close the Extension Manager.
* On restarting OpenOffice Writer, it is now ready with the installed extension 'XlitHindi'. [In case of Windows, it may be required to exit any 'Quick launch' from the desktop sidebar, in order to restart OpenOffice]

Instructions for Usage:
* Start your OOo writer to find 'XlitHindi' button in your toolbar
[If you are unable to find it, go to View ->Toolbars and check the 'XlitHindi' option from the list]
* Transliteration is switched OFF, by default, at start. Once you click on the 'XlitHindi' toolbar button, you will get a message saying 'You have enabled transliteration service'. Click 'OK'.
* You may now start using OOo Writer as usual and hit SPACE BAR after the word to transliterate it. Right click to see other possible transliterations; select an appropriate option as per the intended context.
* Use 'Ctrl+T' to toggle between Hindi transliteration ON and OFF modes. [Also, you can keep transliteration OFF/Disabled for a long duration by using the 'XlitHindi' toolbar button]

>>You might also be interested in our another utility to write in Hindi/Marathi in
OpenOffice Writer- Rupantar.

[Please visit here, if you are facing any problem in installing or using XlitHindi; also e-mail your queries/comments/suggestions to prakash@cdac.in ]

Happy Indianizing!


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