Extension ID:
Release date:
14/09/2009 - 06:52
Operating system:
System Independent
Binary type:
OOo extension (.oxt)
Release Notes: 

XlitHindi is an English to Hindi transliteration extension for OpenOffice Writer.This tool transliterates the words from English to Hindi and offers more Hindi options for each English word on the right click. It uses Xlit as the transliteration engine.

Xlit is a transliteration tool to convert words from English to Indian Language and back, without loosing the phonetic characteristics. It can be used as input method, in Machine Translation systems, in e-governance applications and in other applications that need to enter text in any Indian language and English. For more details on project please visit: http://www.cdacmumbai.in/xlit

System Requirements :
Java version 6 or higher
OpenOffice 2.0 or higher
Internet connectivity

Instructions for Installation:
* Download the extension to your machine
* Start OpenOffice Writer
* Go to: Tools -> Extension Manager -> Add.
* Browse your system to locate the downloaded extension file 'XlitHindi.oxt'
* Select an appropriate option from "Only for me" and "for all users".[Incase of multiple users]
* Click OK
* Wait a few moments for the extension to install completely. Close the Extension Manager.
* On restarting OpenOffice Writer, it is now ready with the installed extension 'XlitHindi'. [Incase of Windows, it may be required to exit any 'Quick launch' from the desktop sidebar, in order to restart OpenOffice]

Instructions for Usage :
* Start your OOo writer to find XlitHindi button in your toolbar
[If you are unable to find it, go to View ->Toolbars and check the XlitHindi from the list]
* Transliteration is switched OFF, by default, at start. Once you click on the XlitHindi toolbar button, you will get a message saying "You have enabled transliteration service". Click OK.
* Now start using OOo Writer as usual and hit SPACE BAR after the word to transliterate it. Right click to see other possible transliterations; select the best one.
* Use 'Ctrl+T' to toggle between Hindi transliteration ON and OFF modes. [Also, you can keep transliteration OFF/Disabled for a long duration by using the XlitHindi toolbar button]

Happy Indianizing !