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Luca "Luke" Calcinai

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Mercredi, 8 Décembre, 2010 - 08:06
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MyTXTcleaner is a simple extension that removes unwantend carriage returns from any text file.
This is useful when you want to clean a text copied from a PDF file or a fixed-width TXT file.
The use is very simple, just press the yellow broom icon on the toolbar.

Please note! Always work on copies of your original file, MyTXTcleaner can destroy your text!

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1.1.2 System Independent -- 08/12/2010 - 08:58 Plus d'information Download


Great! that is necessary. Thx!

wrong concept
you need to make sure, that the "new-paragraf"-sign is deleted within the selected/marked portions of text only
that would really help.



Wonderful job... it sure has taken a lot of work out of converting and formatting these things. I tried it on a long (yet interesting) philosophical treatise.

I'll look forward to the header/footer and page number solutions! Perhaps also something that recognizes page breaks as such? It seemed to view breaks as several returns.

Just an idea but if you included a code that recognized a break and replaced it with the text [[[page break]]], the end user could use the search and replace function to automatically reformat those areas.

Thank you for making this extension!


Thanks! :)

Please let me know about bugs and requests for improvements!
I plan to improve the extension to remove also header/footer text and page numbers.
Please feel free to contact me!