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Calc, Writer, Impress
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Friday, 6 February, 2009 - 13:04
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TeamDrive is the solution for companies and individuals to share data across LAN boundaries and manage documents in distributed organizations. Work – anywhere, online and offline – at any time always securely!
Download the free TeamDrive software here:

The TeamDrive Plug-in allows users to search in TeamDrive SharedSpaces (shared folders) right out of Writer, Calc and Impress, to view version comments and open previous versions of a document.

Open Documents
Overview of your TeamDrive SharedSpaces
Track changes
Compare Versions (OOo Writer)

TeamDrive becomes an alternative to Dropbox or Microsoft Groove/Sharepoint.

TeamDrive makes team work over the Internet easier than ever. TeamDrive's intelligent software enables the fast, simple, secure, and automatic exchange of files over the Internet. A group of users can have online, as well as, offline access to the same data at any time, without administrative expense, and without security risks.
Setting up secure virtual workgroups is as easy as creating a folder in your file system.
The user has complete control over this folder and who may have access to it. TeamDrive watches any folder in your file system and synchronizes via Ad-Hoc VPNs. Full version control included. Any WebDav server can be used as a relay server. In addition, numerous hosting partners are offering special cloud hosting services (i.e. Amazon Web Services AWS). TeamDrive technology and TeamDrive solutions are geared to any user and any company to better manage documents, files, input and contributions from co-workers by virtualizing their content and providing an easy to use groupware (CMS).

For the consistent and successful realization of all aspects of data protection and data privacy, TeamDrive software (Version 2.1) was awarded the Data Protection Seal of Approval in August 2011 for 2 years by the Independent Center for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein Germany (ULD).
(Verification number: 2-3/2005 valid until August 6th, 2013 )

Download the free TeamDrive software here:

System Requirements:
OpenOffice Version 3.0 or above
TeamDrive Version 2.2.070 or above
Windows 7,XP, Vista
Mac OSX from 10.5.3 (Intel) or above

TeamDrive Plug-in - easy secure collaboration -

Version Operating system Compatibility Release date
2.2 Windows, Linux, MacOS X 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 07/12/2009 - 10:51 More information Download


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