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Monday, 15 October, 2007 - 20:56
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O3Spaces offers an collaboration and document management extension. O3Spaces Workplace offers integrated collaboration and document management features for teams and workgroups, directly from the suite.
O3Spaces Workplace lets you create, publish, compare, version and search ODF documents from your suite.

-More information (incl. screenshots, movies, etc.) is available at

-Download direct at

The solution consists of a server component, an web browser user interface, a small desktop component (the so called Workplace Assistant) and an extension.


O3Spaces offers on collaboration and document management extension. They are providing very impressive and interesting information on this website.
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i like this plugin and its scope of work

seeing their Terms of Use, this commercial supplier of webspace takes no liabilities, whereas it shows no respect about private users and their rights and claims the ownership for all documents they receiced through or which are loaden on their servers. that is not only unfair, that is rediculous, the extension needs to be removed from here.


First of all, we're providing an OOo plugin here, not webspace!
Second, your comments regarding our terms of use are completely incorrect!
Please read the eula more carefully and at least know what you´re commenting on.

COMODO security repport


We can assure you there is no 'keylogger' in the download. We've received notice on one particular virusscanner that interprets an installer component as such.
We'll look into it again to make sure we can prevent any further occurrences.