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Thursday, 25 March, 2010 - 17:49
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You can insert chemical formulas from SMILES, InChIKeys or the Name. The formula will be inserted as an image.

This extension requires access to the internet.

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Magenta Chemestry

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2010.3.25 System Independent 3.4 25/03/2010 - 17:50 More information Download


I did not have very high expectations for an open source project to be able to generate pictures of chemicals. Well, I am just blown away!! I know I have not been writing for journal articles in a few years, but this is a huge leap in the abilities of any word processing software. Thank you so much. To just be able to put in a lot of the names of compounds and it just shows up in a few seconds is wonderful. I could have done my thesis in half the time with something like this. I appreciate all your hard work. I understand that you must be using some web site for look ups of the gif/png file, but to be able to put it into the text so easily saves a lot of time. Thanks so much.

For the other comment here, if you do not have internet, just type in the names and wait until you can get a connection to be able to insert the gif or png. All you have to do is highlight the name and click on the Chemestry icon. It is not very resource intensive to perform this task. If you really cannot get any internet and you need it at the time, then download one of the chem drawing programs that are freely available. It may take you 15 minutes to an hour to do what this will do in seconds, but you can get your gif. I do not find that having internet is that huge a requirement for having such a huge resource.

I don't like the way it's handled.
Isn't there any way possible to provide a database as a separate download?
Making this extension useful for places where there is no or unreliable internet access.
It's a real show stopper for some people.

Why are people so inclined to make a networked model where constant connectivity is needed?
Can't you people just provide things that can work on their own?
Because this creates a very fragile ecosystem.
Not to mention the extra resources required on your servers.