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Tuesday, 6 March, 2007 - 13:08
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Compatible with OpenOffice 4.x?

OOo does not have an Impress autostart feature for its documents nor does it support pps files (the --show switch is not known by end-users and not user-friendly)

Therefore, i wrote an ImpressRunner extension simulating this

Obviously, end-users will have to install this extension for the first time (Tools > Extension manager > add). If it is not installed, the processus will be transparent (old behaviour).

Once installed, any powerpoint slideshow .pps file will be autostarted as they should For impress file, if a document userfield property contains 'autostart' string, the file will also be played automatically (ie. presentation will be launched at startup).

I also added a toolbar containing 2 buttons for setting or removing this mode for impress slideshow designers. Displaying it is not required for end users.

Please consider this ImpressRunner version as a first shoot and feel free to advertize it widely

i'm totally open to any suggestion and will try to enhance this tool soon (like translation and integrated help file)

Auto Starter for Presentation documents

Version Operating system Compatibility Release date
1.0.0 System Independent 3.4 06/03/2007 - 13:09 More information Download


I would like to know if their is a version for Open Office 4.0.1. I have downloaded the extension, saved the file as pps, ppt, and odt with no luck. I do not see any added icons to the tool bars. I even went to the "File-Properties-Custom Properties and added the info with no luck. Am I doing something wrong?? Thank you.

Esto probablemente debería venir por defecto con openoffice, en ocasiones resulta imprescindible.
Muchas gracias por haberlo puesto a nuestra disposición. Por cierto, no sé si antes habían problemas para usarlo con OpenOffice 3.2 pero ahora va muy bien.

Very nice idea, but doesn't work for me on Openoffice 3.2.

No toolbar icons - zilch!


Well after a bit of scratching around, I've discovered 'The Big Secret' of how to get it working in 3.2 under Windows XP

File->Properties->Custom Properties and insert 'autostart' as the value of 'Info 1'

I don't know why this isn't mentioned in the instructions - it isn't so difficult to do so, and mega-irritating to not!


I am using Impress within another application. I use Impress to show a video. Laurent's auto start works great. But I'm also looking for a way to auto-close-Impress. Can anyone help??

I have OO 2.4.2 on Windows XP, and I can't find the toolbar...
Any clue?

thanks in advance,

It just works!

Hi, I installed the ImpressRunner 1.0.0 extension, but I do not see anything new.
I browsed through the toolbars but cannot see anything that has to do with ImpressRunner.
What is the name of the new toobar ? Where is it ? Do I need to do something to make it available ?
Did you test your extension with OOo 3.0 ?
Thanks for helping me.

Folks, whenever I try to install the AutoStarter extension, it pops up this error dialog box:

Please find this link with an image of the error:

Can someone help me ? I uninstalled OO2.4 and it didn't work. I repaired installation, added/disable all kinds of Java and even the Python language or something, but I can't get it to work! Help me please !!
I don't want to use Microsoft Powerpoint any longer !

You can alter your system's behaviour to have the same functionality as with using the autostarter.
the appropriate parameter to auto-start a presentation via cmdline is "-show".
Find it on google with `impress openoffice "-show" autostart` or so. mind the two `"`
alter the "open" command for file-type .ODP (Explorer: extras->folder options->file types) from
"C:\programms\ 2.4\program\simpress.exe" -o "%1" to "C:\programms\ 2.4\program\simpress.exe" -o -show "%1"
should do the job.

OK folks, nobody helped me so far. I even tried to update my Python to version 2.5.2 and nothing works. I really can't install this extension and would love to have it. Can someone check the above link with the dialog box containing the error message and guide me for example in what to do ? Many thanks in advance.

Hi Laurent,

your extension is of real value. It is working basically great for *.pps-files here (OOo 2.2, Debian/Sid) but I can not confirm that there is a toolbar containing 2 buttons for setting or removing this mode for impress slideshow designers. I digged through all toolbars (also from "view" menu) but to no avail. Is it possible to give a screencast here at OOo/extension. Maybe I'm just overseeing them.

Kind regards


Please make sur you have pyUNO deployed on your debian OOo version

Auto Start for Presentation Documents Extension
"document userfield property contains 'autostart' string"

Eh!!? Newbie to impression - please clarify how and where the 'document userfield property' string is to be set.

Tested this extension by saving .odp as .ppt and renaming to .pps
When. abc.pps is opened with the OOo extension it flashes through the design view as the show starts and drops back into design view when the show exits, leaving a mess on the screen until a manual exit.
I get the same using simpress.exe -show abc.odp in a .cmd file.
Powerpoint 2003 does what it should - opens the .PPS directly as a show and exits back to the calling process after the last slide.

I guess the fix means serious digging into the simpress source. Just hoped someone else had been there.


Thanks for your interrest and feedback

Regarding the 'document userfield property', the installed toolbar of the extension shows 2 icons, a triangle that sets the autostart property and a square that removes it. Rather starightforward. Btw, thanks i'll try to detail more.

The ImpressRunner is a workaround for the .pps files and autostart mode files. If at the end of the slideshow, it remains with the slides, it is a design choice. Let me know if we need to close the file (and then, what about closing OOo if it is the last file aso ...)

Anyway thanks for your comment on this small extension and hope you'll find it usefull