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Saturday, 22 August, 2009 - 18:44
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Clipart Gallery theme "Alpha Blocks" by Trevor Hitchings.

This Gallery theme has been part of Trevor Hitchings' contribution to the Template and Clipart Contest in 2006, held by the Documentation project and

Alpha Blocks Clipart Gallery theme

Version Operating system Compatibility Release date
1.0 System Independent 3.4 21/09/2009 - 17:29 More information Download
0.1 System Independent 3.4 22/08/2009 - 18:49 More information Download


Some time ago I created a wiki page Clipart Gallery Extension HowTo including a link to an empty clipart extension. You can include your gallery file(s) in this extension and apply some changes documented in the package (and on the wiki page) to indiviualize it.


This extension sounds great, but it contains only preview of the images, and link on your hard disk... which does not make extension working.
You should either add files to the extension, or add pictures in the gallery file :
- drop each image in a document from your gallery
- put back images in a new theme
- check name of each picture : should be something like dd2000 instead of /home/bernhard/Dokumente/OOo/Gallery themes/clipart TrevorHitchings/alpha_block/x.png

However, the best way should be, amho, to put pictures as vector graphics in the gallery.

Moreover, your description.xml file is missing "identifier" and version "value", which will avoid automatic update of the extension. You should check to get information and example about description.xml.

Good luck.

Thanks for your comment - I wasn't able to test the extension from a different computer than mine.

The files have been added to the gallery - obviously OOo just adds the links instead of the images, even if the files tab is emptied after restart.

So I'll have to copy the images to the application and draw them in the gallery area (as done before with other galleries) - might be a bug, didn't search issue tracker for it up to now...

With regard to version and identifier: The sample extension provided at the wiki is very simple, without any version, identifier, license, icon and so on. I'm already working on a more general HowTo for Clipart gallery extensions that will include these points. Next version will be better.

As the clipart has been contributed to OOo by someone else (Trevor Hitchings at the 2006 Template and Clipart Contest),

I'm just trying to convert already contributed Clipart to extensions, so I don't have the time to create vectors from the contributed raster graphics. If someone else would take the time to do so, I would be happy to support him/her.