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Friday, 13 July, 2012 - 07:12
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AccessODF is an extension for Apache OpenOffice Writer (and Writer) that helps authors evaluate and repair accessibility issues in OpenDocument Text (ODT) and in other word processing formats supported by Writer (for example Microsoft Word's doc and docx files). In other words, it helps authors solve issues that make their documents difficult or even impossible to read for people with disabilities. This includes issues such as:

  • insufficient colour contrast between text and background,
  • missing text alternatives for images and other objects (such text alternatives are necessary for blind users and other users of text-to-speech software),
  • missing language identification for the document and for language changes inside the document (language information is needed for conversion into Braille and synthetic speech),
  • the use of proper Heading styles instead of big bold text to identify headings (this enables document navigation based on headings),
  • the use of proper tables instead of visually mimicking tables by using tabs or spaces,
  • the compatibility of images with DAISY, the de-facto standard for digital talking books.


Version Operating system Compatibility Release date
0.1.0 System Independent -- 13/07/2012 - 07:26 More information Download


Warning: AccessODF 0.1.0 is not compatible with the sidebar in OpenOffice 4.0. The sidebar panel where the AccessODF user interface should appear remains empty. This will be fixed in a later release of AcessODF.