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This barcode extension allows you to harness the speed of Calc and generate thousands of individual barcodes. The extension adds the function "ConvertStringToI2OF5()." Calling that function with a string argument will return a reformatted string that, when changed to the included barcode font, will produce a scannable barcode.

Interleaved 2 Of 5 is a specialized barcode format that only allows numbers. If your not sure what barcode format you need (ie your doing generic barcoding) I would suggest using a completely alpha-numeric symbology, such as Code 128 instead.

The barcode produced is created in the Interleaved 2 of 5 symbology. This symbology encodes numbers only, and as it interleaves the data within the bars and the spaces, can only create barcodes of even lengths. (ie 0101 would encode, 010 would not.) The function accepts two parameters. The first is an integer value that tells the function to automatically pad the string to encode with a leading 0 if it is not an even length (this is acceptable based on the I2OF5 specification.) To allow padding, enter a 1 for this parameter. To receive an error (forcing you to check the number to be encoded,) enter a 0 for this parameter. The second parameter is the string of numbers to be encoded.

The function returns characters that when changed to the included barcode font will produce working I2OF5 barcodes.

When added to a mail / label merge, this tool is invaluable to anyone that needs a lot of I2OF5 barcode, fast.

Interleaved 2 Of 5 Barcode Extension For OpenOffice Calc

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