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Sergei Medvedev

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Sunday, 9 August, 2009 - 11:23
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Translator's Tools helps translators perform a range of tasks useful in a translation process. It is largely based on Writer's Tools (

Translator's Tools can do the following:

  1. Online dictionary search.
    To look up a word, select it or just place your cursor on it and then call the corresponding macro. Change the search URLs in the configuration file according to your needs (see Settings). If you want to use keyboard shortcuts please assign them manually to the corresponding macro functions (see Tools -> Customise -> Toolbars in
  2. Machine translation using Google Translate
    To translate a text fragment, select it or just place your cursor on it.
  3. Email Backup
    Send a backup copy of your currently opened document to a specified email address. A default email client must be configured in your OS.
  4. Remote Backup
    Save a backup copy of the current document on an FTP server.
  5. Timer
    Measure the time you spend on your work and save the results in a CSV file.
  6. App Launcher
    Launch applications or execute predefined commands.

The next release will include a greatly improved interface to Google Translate.

Translator's Tools

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