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OxygenOffice Professional Team

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Saturday, 13 October, 2007 - 07:07
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OxygenOffice Professional English Templates as Extension
All You ever wanted to create better documents easily. You can use this template compilation to create professional documents, tables, forms and presentation from prepared templates whitin seconds.

  • Presentations
  • Presentation backgrounds
  • Resumes, CV
  • Letters, Faxes
  • Business cards
  • Budget calculators
  • Notes, todo lists
  • Labels, CD labels
  • Press releases
  • Invoice
  • Special documents
  • Forms

This Extension contains parts of OxygenOffice Project. This project creates and collects templates, galleries and other useful extras for and release them as easy-to-install Extension packages. Also you can download OxygenOffice Professional product which is a bundled installer with all available extras.

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  • If you can create professional templates you can send it to us.
  • If you can draw cool pictures you can send it to us.
  • If you want to translate templates you can contact with us.
  • If you have a godd idea you can post it in the forum.

OxygenOffice Professional Team

An OxygenOffice Extra - English Templates

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I have no doubt there are templates here, but to find them is something else.
I did find some spanish language ones, and long lists of things identified by numbers, with no descriptions............

How do I find ones I can see how to use?

Where can I find these templates? What are their names, so I can even try to search for them. Been looking for a long time for simple invoice template and all I donwload just disappear and I can never find them with open office. So, could someone please say where they are?

I love OpenOffice Writer so please place my comments in that context. I am a lawyer so the goal is to write clearly so that all parties can understand what you are saying. I have been using Open Office for two years and I have tried to familiarize myself with this great product but more than half of the time I can't understand what's going on. It is like you all are apart of this great movement and us commoners are only entitled to the cheap seats.

I would like to know whether an extension is for sale or not. Then I won't depend on it until I buy it being redirected to a store is not cool. I would like to know definitively where extensions are located. I can't find half of them in the Writer's program so I get irritated. Then I remove it from my system. I am fairly software and hardware literate but could you do a PS for dummies.

Hi Joyce26,

I don't normally post anything not directly related to issues I'm trying to find answers for and/or resolve, but I have to say your post re "this great movement ...." etc is really funny. And I can relate. You are not alone if that helps at all :)

Where do I go to find the templates that I downloaded?

I really wonder who voted so low for these templates.
This collection is the one I've been looking for for a long time.
I'll start translating them one by one into Dutch, but that may take a while :)

Thank you for the great words. I am really interested to create Dutch extension and integrate it into OxygenOffice.

Thank you in advance!


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