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Thursday, 28 May, 2009 - 08:22
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Compatible with OpenOffice 4.x?

OOTranslator is an OpenOffice.org wrapper for Google Translate. In simpler terms, it's a utility which allows users of OpenOffice.org office suite to translate text from a document opened to any language. It does this using Google Translate library at the back end.

This is particularly useful when you want to quickly translate your document or part of it from one language to another without having to copy paste it in online interface. OOTranslator provides a nice and simple interface which allows you to customize its behaviour using various options.


Version Operating system Compatibility Release date
0.1-alpha Windows, Linux -- 28/05/2009 - 08:27 More information Download


Après installation réussie à partir du lien dans ces commentaires, le module ne semble pas fonctionner dans cette configuration. Dommage !

I clicked on the Get-it button in Firebox which to page stating "not found", in IE went to "webpage cannot be found". Using Windows 7

It installs fine in Apache OpenOffice 3.4, but it doesn't do what it claims to do. Instead of translating the text, it turns on the header. I made sure that Java is enabled and that OOo can access the Internet. In LibreOffice it also doesn't work, but at least it doesn't insert a header, either.

The installation fails with "Could not create Java implementation loader"
Please help.
This extention would be very helpful.
Oh yes I am installing under Windows 7

Impossible to download extension:
this is what I got "Not Found
The requested URL /wiki/images/b/bc/OOTranslator-0.1alpha.oxt was not found on this server.
Apache/2.2.17 (Ubuntu) Server at code.indictranstech.com Port 80"

Clicking the "Get it" button jumps to the download message for a second, then it jumps to the Google Translate page at Google. This is using Google Chrome.

Using Firefox, after the "Thank you " page, it generates an error page:

Not Found

The requested URL /wiki/images/b/bc/OOTranslator-0.1alpha.oxt was not found on this server.
Apache/2.2.16 (Ubuntu) Server at code.indictranstech.com Port 80

The problem with this add-on is that it does not work any longer. I cannot get any text translated into any language, and that would be more or less it! If you know what's going on and can help somehow, pls do!

HI..Time and time again, trying to install this nice extension fails.
The install begins for OpenOffice 3.2 properly then crashes with a box
Add Extension(s):
C:\Users\ME\AppData\Roaming\OpenOffice.org\3\user\uno_packages\cache\uno_packages\9F2.tmp_\OOTranslator-0.1alpha/oxt does not exist.
Now, this is not fun.
Back to nearly command line thrills.
The ONLY way to get around this annoying roadblock is to manually drill down through all those normally hidden layers of system folders and PUT the stupid file into a new folder you make called \9F2.tmp_
The best part of this is because the text notice in the box is not selectable, you must type all that exciting garbage by hand...AGAIN
I love the extension and have used it before, but every time there is a bug and I have to "repair" Open Office using the repair function, it acts like this was never there and I have to start over again from scratch.
This is more than a little annoying.

How do i use it in OO Calc?
Please respond. I would bloody need it.

Installed OK on windows 7 HOWEVER no google translate is visible on CALC toolbar. any ideas?
It appears ok on writer toolbar

Hi there

Agreed to other posts here, a good idea and add-on but I have to ask, if this uses the Google Translate library as a back end then why is my country's one language not available in you plug-in, namely Afrikaans. I can translate directly on Google Translate from English to Afrikaans, and the other way around, but with your plug-in, I cannot do this, as the Afrikaans language choice is missing. I have also checked in both OpenOffice.Org 3 (v3.1.1), and the one we use OxygenOffice 3 (v3.1.1 a added on full featured version of OpenOffice), for the Afrikaans language, thesaurus and spellchecker, which is present, thinking that this might have been the limitation, or the cause of the language being missing in the plug-in.

I would appreciate it if you could look into this and possibly fix it, then I along with many of my countrymen could find this a very useful tool from within OpenOffice and not use our browser.

Andrew Brown aka Screwbottle


thanks for developing this extension. one question: after installation i missed push the button "add" to set the translate-button into the iconbar. i've tried to re-install the translator and to find a way over "add buttons" but it never work again. any helpful suggestions?


Exellent Tool
-please make that the tool remember the chosen languages, its faster and most users are working in the same languages for most of there documents
-placing the translated text as a copy of the source would also be handy



I wish to translate PDF documents inside OO, however the button for translator is not available within Draw. Any chance of implementing this? Or...get the button imported to Draw?

with ubuntu 8.04 and OO 2.4, I get the error
could not create java implementation loader
halfway during the extension installation process.

Tried all the workaround suggested above and here

to no avail. Suggestions?


Hi there, after succesful installation of the ootranslator plugin on Ubuntu 8.10 + OOo 2.4, the translator button doesn't react (it works on another computer with the same configuration but not on this one). The menu item doesn't trigger anything either.

I had the "could not create java implementation loader" error message appearing halfway through the progress bar when installing the extension on Ubuntu 8.10 with OOo 2.4.
Installing the openoffice.org-java-common package fixed the problem (sudo apt-get install openoffice.org-java-common).

I have also been told that with OOo 3, removing the ~.openoffice.org directory might help.

Apart from that, thank you for the extension, it has been very useful so far. One problem though is that it consistently breaks formatting. It would be great to have the extension automatically detect formatting and only send little pieces of text at a time (with the same formatting) to Google Translate, so that replacing little pieces in the text is done atomically and doesn't break the format.


Ricardo and Yannick

This is sooooooo COOL! Easy to install, easy to use. Thank you for adding an extension for 'non computer geeks' (no offense intended to anyone here -I just love Open Office, but find much of the sight is designated to ppl who know what they are doing!) I took a lot of computer stuff but it was mostly basic, so although I am 'mostly' computer literate....I feel pretty dumb in this sight! (a little too 'tech' for me!) but I can't stay away!

Thanks so much for this extension (got any more?)

I get the googletranslate menu, but the "Translator" menu item is grayed out. The "Translator" button/toolbar is also grayed and unclickable. Am I missing something?

Awesome extension!

One possible enhancement: After translating text, have the text automatically tagged in the target language. For instance, if you translate the text from English to French using Google translate, you could change the language tag from [en] to [fr]. Tagging the language comes in handy, particularly if you have a document containing multiple languages.

Is it under a menu, or do I select the text and right click, or what?
Whatever it is, I can't find it. I'm using OOo3.1.
Please help?


OOtranslator extension installed successfully on Linux box. I tried with English-->Hindi text translation. Works pretty well.

Can OOtranslator wrapper integrate support for other Indic Languages (Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, etc..) too ?

Waiting for the source code though ^_^
Nice work!!


Knowing that this is version 0.1 I would suggest two thing which would improve the workflow(for me?)
- Let the language selection stay.
- Add a keyboard shortcut/button for fast translation of highlighted area. Now it takes me about 10 mouseclicks to do the translation ;-)
Ex. you're writing a text in a language which isn't your mothertounge - so you write the word in your mothertounge, highlight it and hit a key to get that word translated into a previous selected language.

Anyway great work!

Looking forward to your next release.

Hi to all,
Does anybody knows how to install this extention? I downloaded the file (a zip file) and try to locate the OXT file as mentionned in the Mini HOWTO instruction (http://code.indictranstech.com/wiki/index.php/OOTranslator#Downloads) but no file of this type in the zip file.

the file downloaded by you (which you have perhaps saved with ZIP extension), is the extension oxt file.
To install this file, rename it to make its extension as "oxt" and then open it directly in OpenOffice.org. Follow onscreen instructions afterwards to install the extension.
Let us know if you still face problem. We are planning to put up installation video soon.

Indictrans Technologies team

I got an oxt-file.

Leif Lodahl

It does not work behind a proxy i guess. Does not ask me for proxy authentication too.

I guess it will work for proxy by doing Openoffice's proxy settings..
In case a proxy is used, please check which proxy settings are set in
Tools/Options/Internet/Proxy tabpage.