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Monday, 14 January, 2008 - 07:43
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A manager for the OOo Recent Documents list that allows you to change its size or clear it.

This is an update of the macro created by Alexej Kryukov and available at http://www.ooomacros.org/user.php. Credit for the original creation should go to him.

  • The macro library is now packaged as an extension and takes advantage of the latest installation features.
  • It now displays a menu icon in Tools\Add-Ons.
  • It is also updated to reflect the fact that the longer "history list" no longer exists and just the recent files "pick list" remains.
  • A counting error in Sub PickField_Change() which was either a bug or caused by changes in OOo has been fixed.
  • I have increased the version number to 2 as versions 0.2 and 1.0 were previously used in the US and Russian language text, respectively.

History Manager

Version Operating system Compatibility Release date
2.1.0 System Independent 3.4 23/05/2008 - 07:16 More information Download
2.0-beta System Independent 3.4 14/01/2008 - 07:58 More information Download


Time has flown since I initially created History Manager. I was about to update it for OO 3.2 but I have found the Bernard Marcelly has done the work in the intervening time. I therefore suggest that you use his History Master extension (http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/en/project/HistoryMaster) instead.

Thanks to all those who used History Manager.


First, I'd like to thank Gary and Alexej Kryukov for their work on this extension and any other work they've done on OOo. I think OOo is far superior to M$O. My hope is that this comment will assist someone in modifying this extension so that it works as it should ...

Running Windows XP on several boxes. I've had mixed results with this extension. On one box (with an upgrade from OOo 2.x to OOo 3.1 installed), it cleared Recent Documents no problem. On another box (clean install of OOo 3.1), I had to use the procedure below. Download and install the History Manager. Any changes you make require an OOo restart.

It will clear the Recent Document list using the following steps:

1) Access the dialog by clicking Tools, Addons, History Manager
2) Set the 'Change Size' to Zero.
3) Exit all OOo Apps (that includes Quickstarter).
4) Open an OOo App (I used Writer). Open any file within that app.
==>> It appears you've got to force an update to the cache of the Recent Documents list?
5) Exit all OOo Apps (that includes Quickstarter).
6) Open an OOo App (I used Writer).
7) Access the dialog by clicking Tools, Addons, History Manager
8) Set the 'Change Size' back to your preference.
9) Check -- the Recent Documents menu should be cleared.

as with c.ecker in XP, I had to mess around to clear the cache, the original list kept on bouncing back otherwise.
Same steps for vista as XP, I also removed the OO Progs from the vista start panel, I'm not sure that was necessary - but it eventually did the trick.

This extension is not 'system independent' - it does not work in OSX (at v2.1.0, anyway).

When the user clears the history, would it be possible to also clear the history from the "LoadURL" box?


I'm not familiar with this feature. If it's new to V3, I haven't tried V3 yet so I can't comment on whether it works or how well. If I get around to testing it in V3 and updating it I'll keep it in mind.


The LoadURL box is definitely not a new feature, it has been present in OOo as long as it has existed, and I believe in Star Office before that.

Since version 2 it has been on the Standard toolbar, but hidden my default. Select "Visible Buttons" then "Load URL" from the Standard toolbar context menu to enable it.

This extension works fine. It installed first time,using ooo 2.2. Only problem is the programmer! Why limit the list to 20 file?

Sadly this extension hasn't worked at all for me. I am at my wits end trying to figure out ways and means to have my Recent Documents list cleared.

Please help.

Yours respectfully,
Satadru Sengupta

Thanks Gary, for your prompt reply.

Unfortunately, despite trying every which way to resolve this, I am still stuck at square one.

I have tried the following possible combinations:
1. Restarting Quick starter.
2. Restarting the application.
3. Restarting the Quick starter as well as the application.
4. Rebooting the PC.

5. Uninstalling the extension.
6. Rebooting the PC.
7. Installing the extension once again.
8. Restarting the Quick Starter.
9. Rebooting the PC.
10. Restarting the application.

Steps # 5 to 10 were done in sequence. Despite that, nothing has worked at all. No result.

It may be of pointed interest to add here that I have tried these steps # 1 to 10, with Open Office version 2.4, as well as the latest Beta 3.0.

Please help.

Yours respectfully,
Satadru Sengupta

Per your advice vide your email of the 23rd instant, I had downloaded the History Manager version 2.1. It is a pleasure to state that it works!

The only feature that I wish, which could be possibly considered for addition in later versions, is instantaneous removal of the most recently used document names in the list. Something similar to Microsoft's feature in Word and Excel. Although, I must hasten to add here that even in MS Word, one has to set the Recently used filed list: to 0, and then again re-enter the Options menu to set it back to any other number, less than or equal to, 9, for the history of documents to be cleared.

With the latest version 2.1, I now can have the entire list cleared by following these steps, in seriatim:
1. Use the History Manager.
2. Exit the application.
3. Restart the OpenOffice quick starter.

Thanks once again for your assistance. I shall be obliged if you could please keep me on your mailing list for future updates and news on this particular extension.

Yours respectfully,
Satadru Sengupta