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Luc Sorel

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Sunday, 23 September, 2007 - 09:30
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Compatible with OpenOffice 4.x?

Export selected ranges of cells to formated tables in Dokuwiki syntax. Download page with tutorial and screenshot.


Hi Luc, i would suggest that you provide some version info and that you use the download button as well. You don't have to upload your extensions if you prefer to host it on your own site. See the docu "Extension submission".


How do you incorporate the download button? I could not figure out how to activate this functionality. What is the field you need to fill in order to get that button? Same questions for the version number. :)

Cordially, Luc

Hi Luc,

Since you didn't create an extension *release*
Putting an extension on the website is a 2 step process:
(Which is linked from the website left block 'Documentation')

1. You submit some general information as you already did;
but you should change at:
- and put your screenshot url into the 'Screenshots:' field:
2. After you submit this change you see a link on the page in the middle called: Add new release

There you are able to upload the .oxt file;
(Or use another option explained at

Please note to not use the preview button - since there is a bug that will drop your uploaded file on a later submit. Just press submit on that page if you upload a file.

If you upload the file you automatical get a 'get it!' button, and then
I'm able to count the clicks on that button.

hope this helps....
And thank you for using the extension web site :-)

If you have further questions, please subscribe mailing list: