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Wednesday, 30 December, 2009 - 12:30
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This is a Sinhalese spell checker. This works with 3.1+. In addition to installing the extension, you need to prepare your operating system for using Sinhalese Unicode.
To display the suggestions correctly you have to change the display font of to a font that supports Sinhalese Unicode.

To change
1. Tools --> Option --> --> Fonts --> select apply replacement table --> In the "Font" drop down list type "Andale Sans UI" --> Select a desired Sinhalese Unicode font such as "Iskola Potha", "Malithi Web" from the "Replace With" drop down list --> conform by clicking on the green correct mark --> When the new entry is added to the table below select "Always" check box.
2. Tools --> Option --> --> View --> uncheck the "use system font for user interface" check box.

After installing the spell checker is not working then you have to disable all the other spell checkers used in Open Office. To do this
Tools --> Options --> Language Settings --> Writing Aids --> Uncheck all the other dictionaries in the "Available Language Modules" list and uncheck all except "standard" and "IgnoreAllList[All]" in the "User Defined Dictionaries" list.

If you want to use the English spell checker follow the above procedure to enable it.

For Ubuntu users:
1. Please update your to the newest version using "sudo apt-get install"
2. Install Sinhalese Language from, System-> Administration -> Language Support -> Install/Remove Languages or by the command

After installing the extension, Go to Tools -> Options -> Language Settings -> Languages, Select "Enabled for complex text layout (CTL)"
Then go to Writing aids -> Edit. Make sure only Sinhala Spell Checker is selected for Sinhala Language. You may need to set Sinhala as the language for paragraph to check spelling.

Sinhala Spell Checker

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