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Calendar Calc, extension
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Wednesday, 26 March, 2008 - 14:16
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This template offers you an easy customizable calendar for Calc. Just Load, print and go!

To download: Click: "Browse source code" and then download.....
(by the way, already downloaded more than 57.125 times... :-) )



click: "browse source code" above...

click: "browse source code" above...

Hyperlink does nothing when I click it.

Hi Gerco-kees (or any1 else),

How do I implement a yearly event "mothersday" always the 3rd sunday of may (and fathersday; 3rd sunday in june)?
I thought i had the correct formula, but ït is not correct when I checked fathersday in the year 2015!

Can someone please help me? thx.


Is possible to view a week number in first column of your calendar template...

... can you advice me, how to do it???

Thank You!!!

... now I know week number, Thanks...
... there should be not inserted full column, only insert cells and shift other to right...
If someone insert full column, its little bit destroy template...
By the way, what does mean "Gercokees"???? :-)
Best regards

This template was exactly what I needed--I can't tell you how much time you've save me!


Thanks for making this available.

I added padding on the left/right of my calendar and added a copy of the month name (rotated 270 degrees) along
the right. Thus, I narrowed the columns to make it fit on a landscape page. I found it worked better to clear cell B1, then merge cells A1 to C1 and set the value to


and center them. That's about all I did.

Suggestion: add buttons to adjust the month up/down and more buttons to adjust the year up/down.
I just replaced the month/year cells B16, B17 with 1, 10 for example, to print a calendar page
for January 2010; then change B16 to 2 for February, and so on. But buttons would have
made this easier.

Is there any way to select just a print range?

Hi Gerco-Kees,

Thank you very much for your calender!
Although we are both Dutch, I'll try to state my question in English.

We will use your template for our family schedule. Is it possible to make a fixed appointment for fixed day's. For example, every monday swimming lessons....


To enter an appointment for every monday (starting on 5th on januari 2009) enter in cell B45: 5-1-2009
in cell b46 enter: =b45+7
in cell b47 enter: =b46+7
in cell b48 enter: =b47+7
you might want to adjust the match formulas in cell a4, b4, c4 etc to cover a bigger area... i might want to do that as soon as time permits.

I would like to make something like this but for it to transfer sheets, to different applicable months/years.

So how would could I get that appointment to transfer around, like this?

B16 "value" + B17 "value" +7

In my particular case I am trying to get two different events to re-occur every two weeks. Is there something different I can code in order to prevent having to do it for EVERY weekend?

Here is an example screenshot:

I use the calendar to print out activities for people I work with. There are a couple of things I haven't figured out how to do.

1. Move into the next year or several months ahead. I'm not sure what the "Now" parameter comes from and how to change it. I am often making calendars 1 - 2 years ahead of the current month/date.

2. I often need to make an activity cross several days (merge cells) but don't see how to do this.

3. It would often be nice to put 2 or 3 different activities during each day. In other calendars I have used there are several lines and several columns in each date (without lines around them so it looks like one day). I tried to add some additional lines but didn't understand well enough how your formatting was created, so it made a mess of how things look. Is it possible to add columns and lines to the boxes for the dates? I think this would also address another person's comment about needing to put a line break in----if you have several lines, then you can put in several entries on each date.

Thanks for creating this very useful (for me) template.

Thanks for your questions...

1) Now is just now. Today. At this very minute...
=now()-3 is 3 days ago
=now()+365 is (roughly) 1 year ahead (use 366 in leap years)
=now()+0.5 is 12 hours ahead and
=now()+1/24/60*4 is four minutes ahead....
I hope you get the picture.

To create a calendar for 2009 you can just enter a 9 in cell B17

2) To merge cells you could try to select (for example) cells b6:c6 and then choose format > merge cells.
I do not know whether everything still works then but you can always reload your template ofcourse. An other option is to create 2 seperate entries (in Holland we have 2 days for Christmas, just check out the december month...)

3) You can add a linebreak with a {ctrl}+{enter} (hold down {ctrl} while pressing {enter} while you are entering cell-contents... An other option is to go to line 7 and choose: Insert > row

I use the column() function to determine in which weekday a certain cell should be.... for example:
if a3 is a monday (date 1) then b3 is column(b3) (which is 2 - second column) and thus a thuesday. Therfore i am afraid inserting columns will not work very easily. (But ofcourse you can modify whatever you want...
The formating of the blue cells before and after the current month is done by conditional formating.

It was fun creating the template and fun to help people out... Feel free to ask if you still have questions.

Greetz and have fun.

Hi, I found this template and basically it is exactly what I need - a monthly printable calendar - and I love it.
However, I am still missing a few things and I don't know how you get them to work:

- How can you change/adjust the colors in this template? The background color does not show up in the cell properties, so I assume this is part of some script? It is not part of any formula I could find... I assume the answer to this would also give me a hint how to apply a background color to the weekend days.

- The colorization of the days of the following month doesn't work when the first day of that week is still in the current month. Only when you copy the cells of a full week in (which results in the same formula for those cells, e.g. 'D9+7') will the background/font color be set as it should. So it might just be a matter of which update is applied first...?

- How can you make proper multi-line entries for events? If you just set the Alignment to Wrap Automatically it will still ignore manual linebreaks. While I can work around it by writing directly into a cell, changing the first day of the week would corrupt the data as it is only in that cell and not related to a date.

Hi, I found this template and basically it is exactly what I need - a monthly printable calendar - and I love it.

-- thanx :-)

How can you change/adjust the colors in this template?

-- try changing the conditional formats as in: format > styles and format

The colorization of the days of the following month doesn't work..........

-- I corrected thant. You can download a new version....

How can you make proper multi-line entries for events?

-- I am not sure whether this is possible... I will keep it in mind.

hi there!
as an italian user, i had the same problem as the others.
the solution is really simple. i just had to make a "find & replace". replace all "dddd" , with "gggg"
and it just works...
this is just the first letter of the word "day" in each language.
so dutch (dag) and english (day) users don't have problems.
if you are italian (giorno), you just have to replace dddd with gggg
if you are german (Tag), you just have to replace dddd with tttt, and so on....

very nice template, very useful! it easy to copy/paste the calendar in a writer file, to personalize the calendar with pictures, or anything else!

per gli utenti italiani, basta fare "cerca e sostituisci"
cerca: dddd
sostituisci: gggg
sostituisci tutto

e il calendario funziona benissimo....

I am just home from holiday. Went cycling in the uk, which was really good. Nice to read your comments....
I believe that:
should give Monday (second weekday) in your own language.
when this is true, the cell b18 should read: =TEXT(2;"NNN")
this is the case on my local system and all works fine... i noticed when downloading you get a wrong version of the template... i try to fix that.... asap.... (the template was updated, but the link was not... sorry about that... I realy should learn cvs sometimes...)
please let me know if you still suffer problems...

b18 reads =TEXT(2;"dddd")
using german version

hi astern,
i solved your problem, just try downloading it again and let me know if it works

Due to the fact that the weekday format specifier is locale dependent it shouldn't be entered directly.
I replaced all occurrences of "dddd" with a reference to $b$19 and placed the text "weekday format specifier" into A19 and "tttt" !without! the quotes into cell B19.
To have it working with other locales you only need to change cell B19 to the approprite format string.

I downloaded the template, but when I open it, everything in the calendar is #NUM errors. I assume it's supposed to fill things in automatically based on the information below the calendar, but it doesn't seem to be working.
Do you have a FAQ/man page/etc. ?


Yes, everything should work automaticly..... but i see i made a little mistake. In other languages (other than my mother-language dutch...) the formula in cell c18 does not give the correct results sometimes. When you change the first 2 into a 3 the formula looks like this:
and i gues everything works as planned....
Would you give that a try and let me know the result? Thanks a lot....

That fixed it.
Thanks a lot.
I think I can play around with the other fields to get things (start week on Sunday, holidays, etc.) filled in like I want.

Great template!

How do you download this?
There's not GETIT or download buttons and I have tried many ways

Click: "Browse source code" and then download... i've clarified it above....