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Monday, 17 September, 2007 - 12:52
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BorderLiner provides a simple method to draw borders in tables and some text elements in Calc and Writer.


Version 2.1.1 is a bugfix release for LibreOffice 3.3.1. Users of native are recommended to stay with 2.1.0.
Select the line style in the toolbar, use the dialog to define the color. Then activate the extension (left most button). Now imagine the numerical key pad of your PC to be a table. "2" marks the bottom border, "8" the top and so on. Select the cells, press

  • ALT+2 to draw a bottom line,
  • CTRL+2 to pick the linestyle of the bottom line or
  • SHIFT+2 to delete the bottom line etc.

    In Calc you can also use the mouse: release the mouse close to the border you want to draw. If the mouse is released in the center of a cell, no line is drawn.
    Supported are also selections of cells with multiple formats (bug in version 2.0) and multiple ranges of cells in Calc.


    Available in following languages: de, en, fr, it (see documentation on how to help translating BorderLiner).
    Documentation at (including packages ColorChooser and OooRegistry).


Version Operating system Compatibility Release date
2.1.0 System Independent 2.x, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 12/07/2008 - 08:47 More information Download
2.0.0 System Independent 3.4 02/02/2008 - 18:29 More information Download
1.3.1 System Independent 3.4 17/09/2007 - 13:06 More information Download


I tried this extension yesterday, under LibreOffice 3.5.5. Since then, LO crashes systematically, at the splash screen, when saying "enabling BorderLiner". Reinstalling didn't help. Repairing didn't help either. I can't disable the extension because LO cannot start! I am obliged to uninstall everything. Stay away from this extension or you may no longer be able to use the suite!

I just tried BorderLiner 2.1.2. on Libreoffice, it works perfectly on Linux Debian with OpenJDK as Java engine.
For Libreoffice, you should use the extensions from the Libreoffice web-site. There has e.g. been an update.
Which version of Borderliner did you use? If it was 2.1.0, yes, that does not work with Libreoffice, the docu also says so.
Which operating system are you using?
Which Java are you using? Sun, OpenJDK, ...?
Which error messages do you get? If you are using Linux, you can launch Libreoffice from the console and send me the messages.

As far as I remember, there was in Openoffice 3.1 or so a seperate program to handle extensions. You may try to use that one to remove Borderliner. Alternatively, e.g. in Linux it is easy to locate and simply delete the file. The Openoffice or Libreoffice documentation will tell you how.

Anyone else having trouble using Borderliner? Please send feedback with answers to the questions above, so I can work on it. NB: Development is ONLY done with Libreoffice, not with Openoffice. The APIs are not identical any more, so I had to take a choice.

I am sorry to say so, the work on this extension has now been given up for Since version 2.1.1. it is developed on the basis of LibreOffice. You might try if it works on nevertheless, but no guarantee.

why don't i see BorderLiner in the keyboard customization dialog? all other extensions are there. i'd really prefer to turn it on/off by keyboard...

Thanks for your suggestion. I checked, it is possible to assign a fixed keystroke to the extension, but that cannot be customized in the keyboard dialog.
If you have an extension (not a macro) that implements this feature, please let me know so that I can have a look at the code.

I can not give you a developer-side answer, but at least half of the extensions I have installed show up in keyboard configuration dialog under "OOo Macros/share". Instead of giving me one item there, there are all of extension's methods listed (most of which user should not be able to invoke), but that does give me what I want, assuming I figure out what the main method is... If you could provide an on/off method there (toggle, not two methods) we could activate/deactivate extension by keyboard.

Casual search of the openoffice site returned this and this... though you've probably been through that already...