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Leon Tiberiu Cristian

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Wednesday, 26 November, 2008 - 14:21
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Compatible with OpenOffice 4.x?

List of autocorrect entries for the Romanian language.
It supports common typing errors and also provides the user with immediate corrections of words typed without the Romanian diacritics.
1.0.1 - "commabellow" version.
1.0.0 - "cedilla" version.
License: GPLv3

Autocorrect for Romanian

Version Operating system Compatibility Release date
1.0.1 System Independent 3.4 06/12/2008 - 11:40 More information Download
1.0.0 System Independent 3.4 26/11/2008 - 14:27 More information Download


The extension uses “cedilla” version of Romanian diacritic characters, and it will not work correctly under Windows Vista, Linux and MacOS. The documents generated using these characters cannot be used in public administration, schools, etc. Most people have already migrated to the correct “commabelow” characters.

A very elaborate description of the problem can be found at

The problem mostly affects Windows XP users and it was fixed by Microsoft in Windows Vista. To fix a Windows XP installation without an upgrade to Vista, start by installing a new keyboard driver such as

followed by a font update. The later is provided by Microsoft at

We do provide user support for this kind of problems as part of the Romanian localization project at - mailing lists at dev at and user at We can also help with a fix of the extension files involved. The extension should be included in 3.0.1 and it will be extremely helpful to users. Thanks!

Hi and thank you for your hints!
As a matter of fact, I will not change this extension, it should remain as such for those wanting to use it in this form (with cedilla).
For those who want the autocorrect list with the commabellow version, I will provide another extension release with these Romanian characters.
The problem is of course interoperability, as sometimes one has to provide a document for somebody else, who does not support the cedilla version, and therefore the characters are not rendered correctly (for instance in MS Word). I personally experienced such problems when creating a document in OOO, converting it to .doc and sending it to my customers who complained that the fonts were not rendered correctly... Unfortunately most of all have not already switched to the correct version, so the "wrong" set is still mainly in use, so one has to provide for interoperability... I choose the lesser evil...
That is why I updated my other extension to provide an easy way to change the diacritics in a file...
Feel free to check it out...
Adds a template with a new toolbar and menu for Romanian diacritics...
Inserts Romanian diacritics with commabellow or cedilla versions, converts from commabellow to cedilla versions and viceversa, replaces all Romanian diacritics to standard ANSI characters...
Licence: free

Congratulations for the two extensions, waiting for an autocorrect list in commabelow format.

I've started to promote "Romanian Diacritics" extension on the dictionaries page at . It is solving a lot of compatibility problems for Windows XP users. Thanks!

i think you could be interested reading about this issue.

ISSUE 87672 autocorrect limit. acor.dat with entry 65535: Loop and/or loss of acor data

As you must be already knowing, this issue has been fixed in LibreOffice 4.0+ Noted here so that others will be encouraged to have more words in their own locals.

Thank you for the hint...
My list comprises about 9800 entries, so if the user has already around 55.000 entries in his list, then there is a problem due to the bug you described.
Actually this is valid in theory. I personally think if somebody already has 55.000 entries, he would not need my addition and stick to his own entries.
This is a list I developed in time, so I decided to share it, as OpenOffice does not supply an autocorrect list by default after the installation for the Romanian language...

the extension's author mailed me telling his extension contains 9800 entries.

my question is: how does your extension work?
does it adds your autocorrect entries to the romanian autocorrect acor.dat file?

if yes, and an user has already 55735 entries in it, it would break the acor.dat 65535 entries limit resulting in loss of data.

According to the open bug, yes, this could be an issue. So users having more than 55.000 entries in their autocorrect list are strongly adviced NOT to install this list... And better, if the users already have 55.000 entries, please share them... And perhaps the developers of OpenOffice could add by default at least a small autocorrect list by default for Romanian...

you said to use your extension you have to:


but as fas as i know, if a romanian user has already his own autocorrect entries, copying there your acor_ro-RO.dat file would result in overwriting the preexistent acor_ro-RO.dat

is it right or am i wrong?

Open Office does not supply by default with an autocorrect list for Romanian, so after the installation the directory is empty...
After a fresh install, one has to copy my file into the directory. If there is already a file there due to the user manually adding to his autocorrect list, then the user has the CHOICE of either overwriting it or not. This is the decision of the user, I simply shared my personal list with the world. It is up to the user to decide whether overwriting or not installing the list. If one wishes to test the list, simply copy the existing list onto another directory or rename it, copy my list and decide for yourself whether to use it or not...
OpenOffice does not have to my knowledge a direct option of just importing the autocorrect entries from another .dat file, so manual work may be involved.
This is the workaround: Make a back-up of your existing .dat file.
The .dat files are plain .zip files. So you can unzip my downloaded file to a folder of choice. Then you will have several files, the relevant one is: DocumentList.xml. As the name implies, it is a .xml file, that is a normal text file with the extension .xml. Open this file in the text editor of choice (Notepad for Windows).
Unzip your existing .dat file with the same procedure. Open your DocumentList.xml file.
Copy the entries you want together with the necessary tags from my file into your existing xml file. Beware to copy all the tags of the entries, but not the initial definitions, they should appear only once in the header. If the document is malformed, the .dat file is incorrect and will not work. You could check by simply double-clicking on it and opening with IE Explorer or other XML editor of your choice. If the file is ok, then it should open with no hitch.
After pasting the entries, save the DocumentList.xml file. Now select all the files in the directory, zip them and change the extension to dat. Now you should have a new acor_ro-RO.dat with my new entries imported. Copy it back to the directory, open OOO and you should have all the new entries at your service together will all old ones.

i think you should ask the OOo team put your file as the default autocorrect .dat file for romanian language.

that should be very easy and it can be done before release of OpenOffie 3.0.1

i suggest you to open an issue with that request

did u contact the OOo team aking to integrate your file in next OOo release as default autoccorection file for romanian language?

i think it would be a good thing because as u said, OOo doesn't come out with any romanian autocorrection entries.

your list could be a good starting point