Alternative dialog Find & Replace for Writer-1.1

Extension ID:
Release date:
13/02/2008 - 09:50
Operating system:
Windows, Linux, MacOS X
Binary type:
OOo extension (.oxt)
Release Notes: 

Version 1.1 2008-02-12

  • searching: parameter \l for searching any alphabetic character
  • searching: searching for text or name of Referece marks and Cross-references
  • searching: searching for Footnotes and Endnotes. It works good from version OOo 2.3
  • replacing: parameter \d for reset to defaut of text attributes
  • replacing: parameters \F{} and \E{} for creating Footnotes and Endnotes (changed parameter for preserving format from \F to \f )
  • replacing: parameter \B{label|text} for inserting Reference mark and \L{1,0,label} for inserting text field Cross-reference
  • Fixed bugs:

  • support for input hexadecimal's (&Hnnnnnn) number inside replacing parameter \A{}
  • support for use \} and \I inside replacing parameters \P{}, \C{}, \F{}
  • with "Find all" for BOLD properties etc. isn't displayed message with number of matches
  • increased height of button "Pick properties" and "?" - clipped text at the bottom on win XP
  • error message and batch malfunction on localization different from EN a CS
  • with searching Notes, Text fields, Reference marks, Cross-references, Footnotes, Endnotes by "Find" buttons is proceed according to order of page, supports of searching inside selection
  • with search for: \ptext replace: & is inserting extra line break after paragraph
  • with search for: \p replace: \p\p occurs unbroken endless loop
  • with search for: (text)\p replace: \1 occurs error message repldo: lin: 2842
  • unbroken endless loop search for: ^.*$ replace: x&x