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OOChemistry Project

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Monday, 8 March, 2010 - 15:23
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Every chemist willing to use Linux inevitably faces one serious problem: chemical diagrams cannot be inserted into the text in editable way they are used to use in MS Windows.

In MS Windows there is OLE interface (ActiveX, DCOM or how them call it), and one can use any of existing GUI-based editors to create, embed into the document and than edit formulae. In *nix-like systems there are no (native) OLE-like interfaces, so, objects, created by external software, can only be embedded into documents as non-editable graphic objects.

Goal of Chemistry is to provide OLE integration of with chemical software. Currently only JChemPaint is supported Chemistry

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Was looking for this. Together with SuperbChemistry this one makes the life of a chemistry teacher very simple. Nice structures, sometimes have to start again, because it didn't do what I want, but after a little struggle in the beginning I am very glad with it. Have a bit of a problem with rotating the structures, but that would be a beginners problem. Is (in contrast with what I was perhaps suggesting) an intuitive interface. Play with it, it's nice.