Text Effects-1.0.4

Extension ID:
Release date:
25/05/2010 - 04:18
Operating system:
System Independent
Binary type:
OOo extension (.oxt)
Release Notes: 

[x] Selection remains selected when using Chatoyant colors by lines.
[+x] Painting: new pictures, reworked dialog, multiple fixes and optimizations. (you still can't use your own pictures directly, but you can change "txes.ods" file in the extension folder, there you are going to see pictures, they are very simple, you can replace them by your own pictures by using this extension: Image to ODS, and in the first two cells A1 and A2, please, place dimensions of the picture), also you can change the corresponding icon in the data folder in the extension folder. Maybe this is going to be easier later, but so far you can try this way).