OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs - export & import to Google Docs, Zoho, WebDAV-1.9.0

Extension ID:
Release date:
12/11/2009 - 13:58
Operating system:
System Independent
Binary type:
OOo extension (.oxt)
Release Notes: 


  • Checkbox in Configuration for overwriting files, thanks to this you may avoid situation when you have a lot of files name, name(1), name(2),... this will help also during update, because now when you will export file to Google Docs, OOo2GD will try to find on Google Docs document with most similar title to name of file you want to export [example you have in Google Docs file "test" and you try to export document "test.odt", OOo2GD will assume that you want to update "test" and will choose it from the list, if you want to change it you need to use comobox.
  • OOo2GD will try to reuse "session" used earlier to connect to Google Docs or Zoho, example you will download one file, and close import window, next you will try to import next document, OOo2GD will try to display list of available files without making you click on "Refresh List".
  • In German translation added text for "As"