OpenCards - A free flashcard learning extension for Impress-0.7.0-alpha

Extension ID:
Release date:
19/09/2007 - 23:58
Operating system:
System Independent
Binary type:
OOo extension (.oxt)
Release Notes: 

It is with great pleasure that we announce the v0.7 release of OpenCards, the free flashcard learning extension for OpenOffice Impress:

OpenCards 0.7 comes along with a great bunch of new features:

* fully integrated into the OpenOffice menu structure
* flashcard-category management
* two new presentation modes (random reverse, both sides independent)
* graded longterm memorization scheduling algorithm
* improved short-term memorization model

More exhaustive release notes are available at

OpenCards 0.7 is not ready for production yet. Although we consider it to be reasonable stable, it might crash OpenOffice, corrupt your presentation files or your OpenOffice settings.

You're welcome to share and discuss your experiences with OpenCards, suggestions, bug-reports, problems or ideas about flashcard learning in general in our discussion forums.