OpenCards - A free flashcard learning extension for Impress-0.5-alpha

Extension ID:
Release date:
07/08/2007 - 15:53
Operating system:
Binary type:
OOo extension (.oxt)
Release Notes: 

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 0.5 alpha release of OpenCards:

OpenCards is a free flashcard learning extension for
OpenOffice Impress. The basic idea of OpenCards is to use
slide-titles as flashcard fronts and the slide contents as
their backs.

Features of this initial release are

- Leitner flashcard learning
- Different learning strategies
- Implemented as OpenOffice extension
- Persistent session states
- OpenSource: Published under BSD-license

OpenCards 0.5 is not ready for production yet. Although we
consider it to be reasonable stable, it might crash
OpenOffice, corrupt your presentation files or your
OpenOffice settings.