Extension ID:
Release date:
30/07/2016 - 12:20
Operating system:
Binary type:
OpenOffice extension (.oxt)
Release Notes: 

* Add option to suppress units when printing formulas
* Added option to control evaluation of nth roots for negative bases to real values or principal branch values.
* Integrated realroots option, inhibit underflow option and suppress units option into the dialogs and the documentation.
* Allow multiple letters and digits in subscripts without curly braces
* Enable implicit multiplications before and after formula labels
* Enable unicode parsing of chart names, labels, etc.
* Add function det() to calculate the determinant of a matrix
* Add keyword TEXTFIELD to set variables from text fields
* Fix bug that prevented a symbol from being changed to a vector or matrix after the first calculation run
* Add keywords TABLECELL and SETTABLECELL to get and set the value of a cell in a writer table
* Add keywords CALCCELL and SETCALCCELLS to get and set the value of a calc document cell range
* Master documents: If the master document is already loaded, don't reload it
* Complete rework of matrix handling
* Put the debug output file into the user's temporary directory on Windows
* Fixed bugs in connection with the factorial function
* Fixed bug that did not recognize iFormulas after a copy-and-paste action
* Fix problem with flickering charts in Windows
* Extend QUO and REM to numeric arguments
* Add AND, OR and NEG keywords (these are only interpreted within the first argument to the ifelse() function)
* Ensure that a forced recalculation really does recalculate everything
* Improve the Create_iFormula dialog
* Show a field for compile error messages in the Create_iFormula dialog
* Fix bug that did not allow using a unary minus on an equation
* Allow iMath to distinguish between expression lists, e.g. x;y;z , and vectors, e.g. (x;y;z). Vector must be enclosed in brackets
* Allow finishing the Edit iFormula dialog by pressing enter in the formula text window
* Add keywords REALVARDEF and POSVARDEF to define symbols as real-valued and positive. This means that e.g. the conjugate() and abs() functions can be evaluated immediately
* Add option showlabels that displays the equation label with the equation
* Show a welcome screen before the recalculation
* Changed behaviour of formula merge: Two formulas are always merged with
automatic newline, and a formula followed by an expression with an
automatic equal sign
* Added function charpoly to calculate characteristic polynomial of a matrix