Extension ID:
Release date:
12/06/2015 - 12:01
Operating system:
Binary type:
OpenOffice extension (.oxt)
Release Notes: 

* Added square() to init.imath, fixing bug in substitutions.imath
* Restructured menus to conform better with standard Office menu layout
* Increase compilation speed by caching results of EQDEF statements
* Increase update speed (after adding a formula)
* Improved status indicator while scanning iFormulas
* Add menu entry to show a list of all variables, their values and assignments defining them
* Fill insert iFormula dialog with label of selected formula (if there is one)
* Allow editing multi-line formulas
* Improve conversion of decimal point to comma in some locales
* Merged edit and modify dialogs into a single dialog
* Fix bug in Create+Merge when creating a new formula from an existing one
* Add macros to bring up dialogs. Macros can be assigned a keyboard shortcut by the user
* Show error message in the dialog while editing an iFormula
* Allow implicit multiplication before NROOT, QUO, REM, GCD and LCM
* Allow finishing the Insert iFormula dialog by pressing in the formula text field
* Improve copy+paste of iFormulas for locales other than English and German
* Ensure that the deprecated user-defined properties are deleted from old documents
* Allow converting an iFormula back to a normal formula by deleting all %%ii lines
* Added master document URL to iMath document options dialog - this had been forgotten