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Friday, 14 March, 2008 - 04:13
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This extension enables you to increase or reduce the font size of the selected text


Version Operating system Compatibility Release date
1.4.1 System Independent 3.4 02/04/2008 - 05:09 More information Download


What a pity that there is not a really usable text resizer for Impress! This is definitely a much needed function. Strange that even Impress 3 does not have this function built in!

This extension simply does not work:
1. The resize step is too large and unpredictable.
2. All targetted text gets the SAME new size!
3. It is buggy and unstable.

Let us hope that some day there will come a better version, or rather a version of Impress with this function built in!

I was hoping this extension would let me resize an outline maintaining the relative size of lines at different levels. It just sets all text to the same size, which I could have done easily enough without the extension. For all the bells and whistles in Impress, it is surprising that this capability isn't included.

The resize steps are equal to 6, it's easier to change this to decrease it to 1 in the code of the extension. I will write to the author to ask him to improve the extension.

You can select the exact text you wan to modify, the change will be apply only to the selection.

For me it's not unstable and it works fine on OOo 3 French under windows XP or Vista.

I couldn't find the buttons after adding the extension. I've disabled and re-enabled. I've closed and opened OO. There should be information in the description about where the button appears or how to work it.

Like the previous user I have no idea on how to actually use this. There is no information provided on that. I can't see it in any menu. It doesn't seem to show up on any toolbar.

After installing this there is a new toolbar called Impress TextResizer (go view > toolbars > to activate it. I had to restart impress first.).
The toolbar looks like this:

- The extension has no options.
- It changes between some fixed font sizes. It would have been better if the users could customize the size steps.
- There are no hotkeys for the extension.

I kept looking for this button, and now I've found it :-) Thank you for a useful contribution--makes quick editing of text easy.

I've missed this capability from Powerpoint for a long time, and I'm glad to see it finally.

In PPT there is a shortcut to increase (ctrl-shift->) or decrease (ctrl-shift-

Linux User # 436826

It's possible to assign keyboard shortcuts to functions in the extension code.

- Under OOo 3, go to menu: Tools > Personalize > Keyboard
- In the lower pane Category, clik on the + in front of Macros, and select user > ImpressTextResizer > Module1
- In the second pane you will see 4 functions, you can assign shortcut key to 'moins' for decrease and 'plus' to increase the size of a text.

This tips can be use in Impress or other module of OOo like writer.

NB: Sorry for errors in translation, I have a French version od OOo.

everytime i insert a picture it's not visible.
even if from powerpoint presentation all pictures are not visible.
i don't know where to send this question.
i really need help on this.