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Friday, 20 February, 2009 - 19:23
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Compatible with OpenOffice 4.x?

This barcode extension allows you to harness the speed of Calc and generate thousands of individual barcodes. The extension adds the function "ConvertStringToCode128()." Calling that function with a string argument will return a reformatted string that, when changed to the included barcode font, will produce a scannable barcode.

The barcode produced is created with a blend of variants B & C, allowing the full ASCII character set to be encoded, while still taking advantage of the numeric compression defined in Code 128. The download zip file contains the extension and two different code 128 fonts.

When added to a mail / label merge, this tool is invaluable to anyone that needs a lot of barcodes, fast.

Code 128 Barcode Extension For OpenOffice Calc

Version Operating system Compatibility Release date
1.0.1 System Independent -- 20/02/2009 - 19:26 More information Download


NOT Free!!!! don not use do not trust these con men in anyway shape or form. They are a waste of time

Do not pay for this extension. Thubms down.

this is the barcode integration and generation in openoffice ,which compatible with common barcodes such as UPC, EAN, Code 39, QR Code ,Code 128, GS1-128, 2 of 5 Interleaved, RM4SCC, USPS Intelligent Mail and more.

thumb down

This extension is shareware. It will put the word Demo into a barcode until registered.

It puts the text DEMO at the end of the string in the barcode. Please fix.