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Matteo Merlanti

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Samstag, 6 März, 2010 - 13:33
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OKKAM is a Large Scale Integrating Project aims to enable the Web of Entities. Website:

OpenOffice OKKAM AddOn is a freeware software that integrates the OKKAM functionalities to the OpenOffice Writer. You can easily search semantic entities inside your documents and attach detailed information about them. OKKAM AddOn enables to insert entities as footnote and annotation or as metadata directly inside your OpenOffice documents.

Make your documents recoverable more easily and enable them to integrate with RDF/OWL. Enable the Web of Entities!

Main features

  • Plugin interface in OpenOffice Writer 3.0
  • Generating OKKAM entities
  • Literal or automatic entities identification
  • Document or highlighted text analisys
  • Triple capability to attach entities: footnote, annotation and metadata
  • Entities URI links attachment
  • Powerful all-in-one console controll
  • Entity XML exporting
  • Automatically software update through the Internet


  • Natural language processing and semantic technologies


Be sure that Java is enabled inside your OpenOffice before installing the OXT.
Please check it from Options/

For further information, please visit:

OpenOffice OKKAM AddOn

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