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TOKONHU de México

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Mittwoch, 10 Oktober, 2007 - 12:10
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Install two functions in Calc in the section Text to describe a integer number in spanish or english.
For examples:

=INSPANISH(15) -----> quince
=INSPANISH(13.5) ---> trece

=TOWORDS(15) -----> fifteen
=TOWORDS(13.5)---> thirteen

Instala dos funciones para Calc en la sección Texto que describen la parte entera de un número en español e ingles.
Como ejemplos:

=ALETRAS(15) -----> quince
=ALETRAS(13.5) ---> trece

=ENINGLES(15) -----> fifteen
=ENINGLES(13.5)---> thirteen

Installez deux fonctions dans Calc dans la section du texte pour décrire un nombre entier en espagnol ou Anglais.
Pour exemples:

=ENESPANNOL(15) -----> quince
=ENESPAGNOL(13.5) ---> trece

=ENANGLAIS(15) -----> fifteen
=ENANGLAIS(13.5)---> thirteen

Installare due funzioni in Calc nella sezione di testo per descrivere un intero numero in inglese o spagnolo.
Per esempio:

IMESPANHOL(15) -----> quince
IMESPANHOL(13.5) ---> trece

IMINGLES(15) -----> fifteen
IMINGLES(13.5) ---> thirteen

Instale duas funções em Calc na seção Texto para descrever um número inteiro em espanhol ou Inglês.
Para exemplos:

EMESPANHOL(15) -----> quince
EMESPANHOL(13.5) ---> trece

EMINGLES(15) -----> fifteen
EMINGLES(13.5) ---> thirteen

A Letras

Version Operating system Compatibility Release date
1.1.0 System Independent 2.x, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 25/11/2007 - 15:38 Weitere Informationen Download
1.0.1 System Independent 2.x, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 16/10/2007 - 23:52 Weitere Informationen Download
1.0.0 System Independent 2.x, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 10/10/2007 - 12:55 Weitere Informationen Download



Install Java (http://www.java.com/es/download/)


Instala Java (http://www.java.com/es/download/)

Eduardo Moreno
TOKONHU de México

Today I'm working in Windows XP with OpenOffice.org Novell Edition 2.3.1 and, when activate the extension appear the next message:
(com.sun.star.uno.RuntimeException){{Message="JNI exception ocurred", Context=(com.sun.star.uno.XInterface)@54ad41c(ImplementarionName="com.sun.star.comp.stoc.JavaVirtualMachine")}}
The version of Java in OpenOffice.org is 1.6.0_03
What is wrong?
Hoy estoy trabajando en Windows XP con OpenOffice.org Edición de Novell 2.3.1 y cuando activo la extensión aparece el siguiente mensaje:
(com.sun.star.uno.RuntimeException){{Message="JNI exception ocurred", Context=(com.sun.star.uno.XInterface)@54ad41c(ImplementarionName="com.sun.star.comp.stoc.JavaVirtualMachine")}}
La versión de java en OpenOffice.org es 1.6.0_03
¿Cuál es el error?

I tried to install your extension, but I have the next message when install or activate:
(com.sun.star.registry.CannotRegisterImplementationException) {{Message = "", Context = (com.sun.star.uno.XInterface)@0}}
and the extension don't work.
In my PC i'm working with linux OpenSuse 10.3 and my OpenOffice.org is 2.3.1 (the last for this distribution)
What I do?

He tratado de instalar tu extensión. pero obtengo el siguiente mensaje al instalarla o activarla:
(com.sun.star.registry.CannotRegisterImplementationException) {{Message = "", Context = (com.sun.star.uno.XInterface)@0}}
y la extensión no trabaja
En mi computador trabajo con OpenSuse 10.3 y mi OpenOffice.org es 2.3.1 (la ultima disponible para esta distribución)
¿Que hago?


I need to change the amount:20,000 to Twenty Thousand In Words Please Help & Guide!

Download the extensión. Use the function TOWORDS.

Eduardo Moreno
TOKONHU de México


The extensión is writed in Java with NetBeans. The algorit take a number and with "if" do the magic.


if (number == 1) then description = "one";
if (number == 2) then description = "two";

In spanish, the thounsens add the word "mil"

integer miles;
if (number/1000 > 0 ) then
miles = (number / 1000);

number = 20,000

number/1000 = 20

if (number = 20) then desription = "twenty";

return desription + "mil";

I stydy the form to describe a number in spanish. Maybe do to english tomorrow.

I hope this help you.

Eduardo Moreno
TOKONHU de México

Dear Developers,

I ahve installed aletras.oxt in my system (OOo-3.1). It works fine while just working with the file. But the same file is saved, it shows following error.

Error saving the document Untitled1:
General Error.
General input/output error.

And then system hangs down.

Kindly provide a stable version if possible.

Thanks & Regards,
Mushtaque Asghar

As per my testing I found that it was working fine with ODS file while generating the same error in XLS file while working in Calc. It is suggested to enable it for XLS files also.

Mushtaque Asghar