StorePicz is an extension for OO Writer which extracts images from a PDF file, MS Word Document or from an ODT file.Once it is finshed extracting the images,StorePicz saves all the images into a folder named by the input file,at the same location where your input file is located.

PixelPluz Image Editor for Writer

PixelPluz is an extension for Open Office writer which can be used to edit images easily. It includes some basic but important editing functionalists like

* Re-size images with different parameters
* Rotate images by 90 degrees (right or left)
* Rotate images from 0 degrees to 360 degrees
* Crop images effectively
* Download images to the app directly from
* Take screen shots/web-cam snaps and edit them
* Add text/watermarks to images

Demo Video

Image Press

Press raster images *.jpg, *.png, *.gif, *.bmp so that the document uses less memory and disk space. Requires ImageMagick and Zenity. It uses these unix commands: unpacks ODF files into /tmp/ImM_(RND 4-digit number) directory, goes to the folder pictures, converts them using "mogrify" so that they either have less pixels, or become either smaller greyscale or 8-bit. Jpg remains jpg, png remains png, just their properties are going to be changed.


Load images as objects into spreadsheet using [http] links to them from cells.
Just select needed cells and click the button
    can be seen on this screenshot ->

At the Beach

A beach themed Clip art gallery extension.


GureGipuzkoa addon lets you search and insert photos in your Writer, Impress or Calc document selecting them from (a website with tons of historical and current photos from Gipuzkoa, a province of the Basque Country)

Thanks to the ccooo extension for the initial code base.

EuroOffice Online Clipart

EuroOffice Online Clipart allows you to quickly add free images from the Wikimedia Commons collection to your text documents in Writer. Impress and Draw documents are not supported directly at the moment, but there is a workaround to solve this problem: You are able to copy-paste the inserted images from text documents into presentations or drawings.


This extension provide an easy way to crop images in Draw or Impress.
Have a look at for more details.