GNU General Public License


This extension to LibreOffice enables the user to save a document in multiple formats at once. At this moment OpenDocument, MS Office 97 and PDF are supported.

This extension is based on the StarXpert MultiSave extension and has the LGPL-licence.

Turkmen spelling dictionary

Hunspell spell-checking dictionary for Turkmen language. (first-release)

Bingo Cards

A simple extension with the single purpose to create cards containing random combinations of a subset of user defined string set. This may be usefull to anyone that needs to play the bingo game or any variation of it. In my case I come to the need of such an application when I applied bingo game (along with a appropriate geogebra file: see my webpage in order to teach graphical representations of trigonometric functions.

Advance Office Chart

The objective of this extension is to easily provide high quality charts which are not available in OpenOffice.
Such a list of charts could be found

At present, with this extension, it is possible to plot histogram and boxplot charts and save them in png or svg format.
I will try to add Venn diagram and other chart types in future releases of this extension.

English dictionaries for Apache OpenOffice

English dictionaries for OpenOffice/LibreOffice 4.x and later, in an individual extension.

These are the dictionary files bundled with the English version of Apache OpenOffice.

It includes:
- en_AU (Australian)
- en_CA (Canadian) (updated: 2015-08-24)
- en_GB (British) (updated: 2015-12-01)
- en_US (American) (updated: 2015-08-24)
- en_ZA (South African)

For help installing or extra information, please visit: Proofing Tool GUI project

Norsk stavekontroll versjon 2.1.

English summary:
Norwegian spell checker with thesaurus for bokmål and nynorsk, Version 2.1.

In Norwegian:
Norsk stavekontroll versjon 2.1. Inneholder staveordliste, synonymordliste og en orddelingsfil, alt dette på både bokmål og nynorsk (selv om synonymordlista for nynorsk er veldig liten).

Corrector ortográfico hunspell para galego

Hunspell spellchecker for galician by Proxecto Trasno
Edition 13.10 codename «Padre Sobreira»
October 10/13/2013

Basic IDE Tools

The BasicIDETools extension allows with selected BASIC code (a word, a function, a module):
· Format the code (keywords, function names, variables ...)
· Indent, de-indent, or re-indent everything automatically
· Comment, uncomment or toggle comments
· Convert to upper or lower case
· Search forward or backward
- NEW ASCII codes table
- NEW Code Assistant
- NEW Inspector
- NEW Online Search
- NEW PopUp menú

Faroese spelling dictionary

Faroese spelling dictionary for
Føroyskur rættstavari til