OpenOffice.Now tells you where the latest version of a document can be found on the web.
In order to know that, this extension queries the WhereIsNow webservice developed and managed by Prossima Isola ( for further information go to http://www.whereisnow.com ).

The identifier for a document on WhereIsNow is a key "publisherId-documentId", stored within the document into the "user-defined" properties.

The external libraries used are Axis2 and its Rampart module and are included in the oxt archive.

eTOK - eTraining Operating Kit

The eTraining Operating Kit is from an authors point of view a program to create eTraining projects, also called as Web Based Training (WBT) or eLearning. Beyond eTraining, eTOK can be used to create interactive applications for marketing purposes, promotion material, sales support and technical documentation.
From a technical point of view eTOK is an OOo-application, written in OOo-BASIC and JavaScript. eTOK is an Open Source Projekt, published under the terms of the Creative Commons Licence and free of charge.