NumberText in Lithuanian / „NumberText“ lietuviškai


„NUMBERTEXT()“ ir „MONEYTEXT()“ – tai dvi papildomos skaičiuoklės funkcijos skaitmenims keisti į skaitvardžius ir valiutų pavadinimus.

Greta lietuvių kalbos funkcijos numato daugiau nei 30 kitų kalbų.


„Apache OpenOffice“ > Priemonės > Plėtinių tvarkytuvė > Pridėti... (Įsidėmėtina: jei programoje įdiegta senesnė plėtinio laida, prieš diegiant naująją laidą, senąją būtina išdiegti. N.B.: if an older version of the extension is already installed, it needs to be uninstalled before installing the new one.)

Thai Number Converter

This extension can convert Arabic number characters to Thai number character
now have 2 options
- selected text converter
- whole text converter

SUMTEX - Сумма прописью

Calc function to convert numbers to words (for Russian, Ukrainian, Belarussian languages only).


NUMBERTEXT and MONEYTEXT are spreadsheet functions for number to number name and currency name conversion proposed for OpenFormula standard.

Thousands Separator

Add the missing thousands separator button to Calc toolbar.

One of the UI element that is missing in Calc compare to Excel 2003 is the thousands separator button on the toolbar. The button will format the numbers in the currently selected cell(s) using a predefined (accounting) format. Though Calc users can do the same using the menu Format > Cell but the converted Excel users usually miss the convenience and ask for the feature.


This extension based on Pagination 1.3.2 source code. It is beta-version now. Your feedback is needed. So feel free to leave your coments here.
I added some features to original Pagination:
1. It works now with all page styles.
2. Ability to insert text blocks "Page 1 of N"
3. You can specify pages that will not be numbered (read instruction below).
4. Made little interface changes.
To insert text block "Page 1 of N" you should:
1. Press button "More"
2. Check box "Insert text 'Page 1 of N'"