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Tuesday, 4 May, 2010 - 10:14
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Business-in-a-Box is the World's Leading Business Document Templates Software. Including over 1,500 business documents such as contracts, legal agreements, board resolutions, meeting minutes, letters, spreadsheets, plans, proposals, press releases, policies, forms and checklists. Available in English, French, Spanish and Chinese; Business-in-a-Box is an essential tool to help you start, run & grow your business like a pro!

From strategic management to frontline activities such as sales, billing, staff management, shipping and customer service, this extensive collection of document templates covers all areas of modern business management. Business-in-a-Box helps users handle hundreds of common business situations more rapidly, while centralizing and better organizing digital documents. With a multi-user license your company can increase productivity, present a professional image and ensure consistency in corporate communications. Written by lawyers and business consultants, all of the documents have standard margins, fonts and appearance. With Business-in-a-Box you will be able to communicate accurately with customers, partners, employees, investors and bankers. Be better prepared to face difficult situations such as firing an employee or collecting dues, and get rid of the pain associated with finding the appropriate wording. Best of all, you will save on lawyer's fees by using reliable legal forms, protecting your organization and improving your ability to negotiate better deals. Write the most sophisticated documents by yourself!


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5.0.2 Windows -- 04/05/2010 - 11:31 More information Download


They have tons of templates and they are excellent but useless unless you purchase the professional package. You can not cut and paste or copy or save to your computer. You have to save it to the company so access to your template is very limited. You can not print a copy to take with you, you have to write all infomation they have by hand. To me it is totally useless!!! I will be uninstalling it!

Dear Laura.
I am thankful for your time. Both the time you invested posting a comment, and the regretted wasted time with Biz n Box. I can not agree with you more. I get so frustrated when I get taken out for a "Circle-Jerk".
I've been in and around construction for close to forty years. Currently I am attempting to become a little more computer savoy I've used proprietary software for years. but not happy with the inability to custom configure, or "tweak" things to my needs. So I'm trying to learn Open Office. And I'm a DUMMY... Ha
I keep trying all these "free" or "shareware" plug-ins and programs. And when they don't do as advertised, or force me to buy, I send to them my standard, "The day I get a program that does what it said it'll do, I'll BUY IT, or DONATE to it" Hands down. And it is the truth.
These people have to hold faith in America. Sure, many people would take advantage. But I feel the masses would be grateful to try something that truly works or fills a need would purchase it or donate freely to it.
Good Luck to you and yours.
Todd Danger